Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dream Job

We had a super tight timeline and a small crew but we got the shot (as I knew we would) with the compliments of Richard Peddie, former head of "one of the most successful sports franchises in the world." (See the book description at

We were barely finished getting the first shot when skaters started moving onto the rink at the ACC. We were in such a hurry to get to the second set location before our time ran out we hardly realized that our rink time wasn't even technically up yet!

Thanks to planning the lighting and composition as completely as possible, well before we arrived, we got the shots as visualized, in lightning time, even without having been able to scout the location ahead of time. The rink seemed way smaller than I thought it would be once we were actually on it! But that was actually a good thing!


Thank-you Zenporium for allowing us to shoot in your lovely store. The whole team was fascinated with the Coffee Tree Sculptures (made from natural coffee bean trees salvaged from Japanese coffee plantations), Agnieska Tarnawska's Aga Azra line of dream catchers,  and all the fantastic salvaged wood furniture and art. I love my Cahaya Cubes!
Keva Legault (wardrobe), Iman (hair and make-up), and Ross (model and musician) all from Plutino Group, along with assistant Melanie Godecki made this shot possible. Tons of gratitude to a great team!