Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SNAP! 2012

I am very excited to be one of the photo-based artists whose work has been selected for  SNAP! 2012's Live Auction.  SNAP! is the highly regarded and anticipated annual photographic fundraiser for the Aids Committee of Toronto which takes place at Canada's National Ballet School, 400 Jarvis Street, this year on March 25, 2012. The distinguished curatorial team responsible for selecting the work to be auctioned includes the likes of MaryAnn Camilleri of the Magenta Foundation, Melissa LaVallee from the Stephen Bulger Gallery and SNAP! 2012 Live Auction Chair and artist Russell Brohier. Auctioneers include Perry Tung and Andrea Zeifman, and host Maggie Cassella. For more information and tickets to this Live and Silent Auction Gala Event see the SNAP! 2012 website. It is a really fantastic event! I can't wait! (P.S. The piece shown here is my donation....called "JD," it is 24x36 inches in size and is a one-off original photo-painting, ie.: digital photo panels, with layers of paint and encaustic on board.)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Calendar for 2012

This past fall I had, once again, the very great pleasure of working with Finesilver Design on a mini- limited edition calendar, this time, of course, for 2012. Our theme was, essentially, attention to detail, a concept dear to my heart. We also decided to make the images black and white, allowing me to revisit, via the creation of a whole series of images, that initial joy many a photographer will have shared when they first created photographic art by simply removing the encumbering presence of colour. 

The image of the rosary above did not make it into the calendar. But I couldn't resist photographing this delicate and detailed artifact which I found at Toronto's Sunday Antique Market in St. Lawrence Nighbourhood's north market. It was a fun and  interesting exercise finding and photographing objects that spoke to the theme, and then going through our respective processes of elimination.

Finesilver Design and I have limited numbers of the calendars in two slightly different designs, and with not entirely the same sets of images, for interested clients. If I have not already sent you one and you are interested please let me know.

Happy 2012!

Davis Canadian Arts

In 2011 I was thrilled to be added to the roster of artists exhibiting with John and Yolanda Davis at their new gallery/boutique in Stratford, Ontario. This year I am excited to have had a number of my new photo encaustic pieces taken on for exhibit and sale at their well established main gallery, Davis Canadian Arts. Located at 106 Ontario Street, in the heart of Stratford Ontario  (phone 519 275-3373) Davis Canadian Arts is filled with a broad range of high quality art by creators from across the county.

In A Heartbeat Gallery

In the whimsical little artists' town of Eden Mills, Ontario there is a beautiful old stone home, built around 1860, that has been lovingly transformed into an art gallery by owner/curator Michael Coull. Over the past few years Micheal has collected together a number of pieces from different bodies of my personal art work for exhibit and sale along with the eclectic and inspiring collections of a number of other artists' works in disciplines from jewellery, to pottery, to sculpture, painting and drawing. Recently I was able to add to that collection two of my favourite encaustic photo paintings from 2011. Please check with Michael for gallery hours. And let me know if you go! http://www.inaheartbeat.cc/