Monday, January 2, 2012

New Calendar for 2012

This past fall I had, once again, the very great pleasure of working with Finesilver Design on a mini- limited edition calendar, this time, of course, for 2012. Our theme was, essentially, attention to detail, a concept dear to my heart. We also decided to make the images black and white, allowing me to revisit, via the creation of a whole series of images, that initial joy many a photographer will have shared when they first created photographic art by simply removing the encumbering presence of colour. 

The image of the rosary above did not make it into the calendar. But I couldn't resist photographing this delicate and detailed artifact which I found at Toronto's Sunday Antique Market in St. Lawrence Nighbourhood's north market. It was a fun and  interesting exercise finding and photographing objects that spoke to the theme, and then going through our respective processes of elimination.

Finesilver Design and I have limited numbers of the calendars in two slightly different designs, and with not entirely the same sets of images, for interested clients. If I have not already sent you one and you are interested please let me know.

Happy 2012!

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