Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Woodgreen Annual Report

For their 75th Anniversary Woodgreen Community Services in Toronto wanted to say thank-you to it's 600+ staff members by featuring photos of them in the anniversary edition annual report. Their question to me, can you do a group photograph of 600+ people? The solution after some discussion around logistics, staff availability, etc.: individual portraits. Wendy Gray of Gravity Inc., the design firm responsible for Woodgreen's Annual Report(s) had small portable backdrops made in the official Woodgreen corporate colours and we proceeded to plan and execute multiple mini-shoots at the various Woodgreen locations around Toronto until we had photographed every staff member who actually wanted to be photographed and included in the annual. As we could not be sure as we went along exactly how many people would show up on each photo day we kept a running count of the number of people photographed against each colour, so we could change backgrounds on the fly to ensure approximately even numbers of portraits with each colour.

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