Friday, November 8, 2013

Another Kevin O'Leary Cover Shoot

Ever the brilliant self-promoter I managed to get left out of the picture documenting my own shoot at Kevin O'Leary's fabulous cottage! The much smarter Kevin wanted to tweet about the cover shoot and I wanted to help! So I found a good position to stand and snapped the scene on Kevin's camera.

He tweeted about the surprising amount of time it took us to take, essentially, two pictures. I can usually set up and shoot fairly quickly, but it's amazing how many gorgeous sight lines and lush bits of landscape and architecture do not fit into a book cover layout with specific parameters regarding not just composition but content. And of course the sun kept moving! 

However, I'm proud to say we created two great options. After feeling like the first shot couldn't be topped, and trying numerous spots and set-ups around the property we actually did come up with a great second shot. I, myself, was voting for option 1, which did win in the end. Yay!  The book should be out any day and is the third in the Cold, Hard Truth series.

Can't wait to see the actual book!

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