Friday, January 10, 2014

Toiling Away in Obscurity

I recently had an opportunity to photograph another artist and colleague in his personal space, the latest in my series of creative people in their personal worlds. This is Ed Gatner who specializes in motorsports photography. He is busy enough working in this niche that he doesn't even have a website or I would direct you to it! But he can be reached at

I have never seen Ed actually shooting....I'm not sure I have ever even been to a real race track! But he did allow me to see his private live/work space where he spends countless hours toiling away on his computer perfecting image after image of the one thing I really do not shoot: cars. Ed is yet another talented and experienced artist who may not be well known outside his field (thus my use of the word "obscurity" in the title of this post) but who is certainly known by the numerous publications he's worked with for the past twenty years. Unassuming and very private he kind of quietly flies under the radar toiling away, building his oeuvre, not unlike some of the other artists I have come to know, or the many others of whom neither you nor I are even aware, yet.

Another fascinating discovery for me even though I have known Ed for years! Call him if you need someone to shoot a race car or as he just explained to me, more specifically, anything with a motor... cars of all sorts including go-karts to Formula 1, as well as the latest car tests and motorcycles from motocross to superbikes...!

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