Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays!

On the off chance that anyone wondered about the image on this year's Christmas card I thought I'd post a brief explanation here. I know the image looks a little like an illustration, but it's not. It's a photograph of a small paper Christmas tree I made just for the card. I was inspired by my recent photo shoot for the 2015 version of Finesilver Design's, and Hollinrake Photography's mini-calendar featuring white or mostly white objects on a partially white, partially blue painted background. As I often do with still life subjects, I shot the Christmas tree several times, lighting it differently each time, and combined partial layers to create the one final image, thus the slightly surreal effect. I also used a cool light source and enhanced the blueness of the shadows to get the overall blue-ish appearance. And then applied a subtle glow filter to the whole thing. 

This image is a bit more effective viewed larger than this, so hopefully if you are reading this you've already seen it in higher res, and greater detail.

Happy holidays and happy 2015!

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