Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another WoodGreen Annual Report

Rites Of Passage Program Participants

I don't think many of my clients know I shoot annual reports, and it's true that I haven't shot a ton of them, but I have had the privilege, for the last few years, of working with the tireless and inspiring people at WoodGreen on theirs. Such a fantastic organization, and as the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications Jessica Malone mentioned to me, not an organization you would necessarily know about if you're not in the demographic having direct need of their multitudinous programs and services.

Here is a ink to a PDF of their 2012-13 AR which I'd have to say is my favourite yet : 
(I think the only shot that's not mine is the headshot of the Board Chair.)

I particularly like the image above. Although the sun came out, the sky was not blue (it was white...I had to add this one in later), the ground was almost a swamp and it was so early in the season there was hardly a blossoming plant to be found. (You'd never know from the picture, right?) These (temporary) gardeners were troopers having had to traverse a very large maze of soaking wet ground to get to this spot. And then a bee came along and made it almost impossible to get a shot at all. (Not kidding.)

We're about to start shooting the 2013-14 AR and I can't wait to see what the super talented and creative team of designers at Gravity Inc. comes up with this time. We could use some leaves on the trees!! Just saying...

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