Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Natural Makeover Diet

 When H-C Canada's senior designer and I started to discuss the perfect counter top for this cover it turned out that he had literally just bought a table with the exact kind of surface we were looking for. Thus began the making of this very group effortful cover. When we couldn't quite hide the strap on Dr. Joey's undergarment she was lent a strapless one (by moi) that wasn't quite the right size, but was just going to have to be to be close enough! And somehow during hair and make-up Joey and the talented and gracious Victoria Dixon make-up artist decided Victoria's bracelet would be the perfect accessory for the cover shot. Discovering that not only did they have similar taste in jewellery but that their birthdays are on the same day, they then gifted each other their bracelets, Joey explaining the inspiring story behind her funky beaded bracelet. Very cool and inspiring: the bracelet was made by Heads Up For Charity.

This shoot was inspiring to me on another level as the topics of nutrition and healthy eating are close to my heart. I am constantly amazed at the seemingly pervasive lack of knowledge and sense around food and eating. (I don't mean to be negative but the journey of a close personal friend who has a diabetes-like condition has really opened my eyes to the amount of misinformation out there.) Dr. Joey obviously walks her talk appearing so glowingly healthy and fit that at one point we were worried she looked too young in the pics! 

See more about the book at HarperCollins.ca, and more about Dr. Joey at DrJoey.com. 
BTW, assistant Melanie Godecki managed to score a bag of Dr. Joey's Skinnychews and reported to me that they are delicious!

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